Saturday, November 12, 2011

We put the "House on Wheels" in storage today!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well, today was a BIG day - Mom and Dad packed up the trailer and moved everything to the PUD, then we hooked up the trailer and put it in storage.  I guess that means we are finished traveling for a while.  WE have lived in the trailer a total of 425 days - 58 of them at this camp site at the Gold Dust West RV Park.

We have spent the last few nights staying in the PUD and it's been really nice - we aren't tripping over each other anymore, and I can go in and out to do my business and get some fresh air ANY TIME I want!  All the new appliances have been installed and now Mom and Dad can cook again - it's kinda nice to have home cooked food again, but I might miss those little white boxes Mom brings me from the restaurants.

Mom said she's not sure if she will be helping me with anymore posts on this blog, but I know we will have another one when we take our trip to Alaska with Duke and his Mom and Dad in August, 2012.  Be sure and check back here and we will show you the link if there will be a new one for the Alaska Blog.

Well, it has been quite an ADVENTURE and as soon and the dust settles in the PUD, Mom and I may have more to post and maybe some pictures of our new digs.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my ADVENTURES for the last year.........

Until later, thank-you for logging in and thanks to all of our family and friends for their support and help during the last year you all!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moving day!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dad said today is MOVING DAY!  YIPPEE!!  I guess Dad is going to get a BIG truck and some guys to help him move the BIG stuff out of the storage unit.  Mom said that when they get the bed and the linens, she and I will make the bed and we will be able to sleep at the PUD tonight...but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

For the last few days Mom and Dad had been working like crazy (and I have been supervising) trying to get everything ready.  Dad said, so far, we are right on schedule.  Dad spent days down on his hands and knees putting in the new tile floor in the kitchen...Mom cut the tile and Dad glued it down.  Then they moved to the new pergo floor in the dining room, so that is done except for the molding around the walls.  A few days a go a guy came and put in the cable for the TV, computers and the phone - but, we don't have a TV, computer or the phone yet - they are in the storage unit!  Yesterday a plumber came and put in a new gas line to the kitchen for Mom's new Duel Fuel Range, and Dad did the waterlines for the refrigerator and the dishwasher.  Mom said we won't get the appliances until tomorrow.  Mom also installed the new coffee maker and can opener, so now Dad can have his coffee and I can have my dog food if it doesn't have a pop top on it!

Yesterday I decided to go a little exploring on my own - Dad opened the garage door and I snuck out for a little while - boy, was Mom ever mad at me!  I found this really neat place one house down from us - it's sort of a pit where all the water goes when it rains hard and it's all fenced in - I jumped in and couldn't get out and I heard Mom (she was saying bad things) and she saw me trying to walk on the rocks.  She got me over to a hole in the fence and was able to pull me out.  Even tho she was really mad at me, I think she was glad to find me - I was sure glad she saw me because I wouldn't have been able to get out of that pit by my self!

Here are a few pictures Mom has taken - she hasn't had much time for this, but this is what we have:

This is Me checking out our FIRST snow - of course
I had to make it yellow!

Here I am guarding the trailer and truck that morning.

This is the view out of the "slider" at the PUD.

Mom said she is very happy to have a view!

The kitchen is really small - this is
where the range goes - Dad was in
the middle of laying the tile.

This is my NEW Doggie Door - it's a little tall, but I can
hop in and out just fine - this is the second one - the
first one was too small and I hit my shoulders going
in and out.

I'm supervising Dad while he grouts the new floor - notice
the new pergo floor he is laying on!

I guess that's it for now.  Mom said she will try an do better to help me with the postings, but she made no promises because she said we have to unpack our stuff.....

Monday, October 31, 2011


Monday, October 31, 2011

I GOT MY DOGGIE DOOR, however, it's sitting in the garage!  Mom and Dad went to a place and signed papers for an hour today, then we left and went back to the trailer and sat around for HOURS!  Then Mom got a phone call and Mom and Dad both sprang into action!  We went over to the real estate office and got some keys and then we went to the "PUD" and I got to see my new digs for the first time - it wasn't too bad so I went ahead and "christened" it and staked out my part of the yard!  Then Mom and Dad went shopping, they got me my doggie door and Dad said he would put it in tomorrow.  Dad unpacked my doggie bed too, so I'm all moved in except for my food and bowls.

Dad said Sandi (the real estate lady) and Brandy (the VA loan lady) did a great job in getting us into our new place pretty fast!  Mom said it couldn't have come too soon because the weather is turning cold and she is ready for a bigger and more permanent place for a while.

Dad said he had to redo the kitchen and dining room floors and then he and Mom will be moving our other stuff in!  They seem really excited to have a place bigger than the trailer.  They had a nice surprise and found that the owner had cleaned the whole place including the carpet, so now Mom and Dad don't have to worry about that and they can move some stuff in earlier than they had originally thought.  Mom said she can have the washer and dryer, and the freezer delivered as soon as they can get it scheduled, and Dad said they can move in their bed on Friday or Saturday!  Someone is coming to clean the old rug and the sectional, and then that can come in too.  Sounds like we are going to be kinda busy for a few days, but I think it will be worth it!

Mom said she will get some pictures as soon as she can......

Monday, October 24, 2011

Still counting the days...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Well, Mom and Dad had a walk through of our new "PUD" (Planned Unit Development) this afternoon.  Mom said everything looked fine and Dad said the kitchen was smaller than he had remembered.  I didn't get to go in yet because there is still someone living there.  The "guy" is supposed to be out on October 30th.  The loan officer is still trying to get the escrow closed by October 31st, but I guess we are still waiting on something from the Canadian Government for Dad's pension.

Mom and Dad have decided on the flooring they are going to put down in the dinning room and the kitchen, and Mom has pretty much decided on her appliances.  We ran all over town yesterday doing comparison shopping on them.  I got a lot of short naps in the truck while I waited for them!

Mom and Dad are getting a little excited, but I don't quite understand what is going on yet.  Mom keeps telling me that we will have more room pretty soon, and I won't have to be on a leash every time I need to go potty!  Mom said I will probably get all my toys back too!  YIPPEE!!  And, don't forget that doggie door!!  DOUBLE YIPPEE (YIPPEE)!!!!

Mom said for everybody to keep their fingers crossed that we can close that escrow thing on Monday - 7 days and counting!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Road Trip.......!

Friday, October 22, 2011

For those faithful followers, we thank you!  As you know, we have been VERY BOARD waiting to get our "new roof" over our heads, so Dad said he was going to take Mom and I for a "little" ride and lunch yesterday!  Well, we ended up in WATERLOO, CA!  Dad took Hwy 88 to Waterloo and on the way back he took Hwy 4, and we went over Ebbetts Pass (8,730 feet in elevation).  We ended up at the "Fruit Bowl" - a road side fruit stand near Stockton, Ca.  Dad wanted to go visit his "shirt tailed" relatives - some how Dad is related to the owners.  We had a nice lunch and Mom and Dad did some shopping for goodies.  Mom really wanted a peach pie, but we didn't have room in the trailer for it, so Mom said she wants to come back when we get our new digs!  Either that, or she will make her own!

Mom took a bunch of pictures while we were driving - here's a sample:

Fall color along Hwy 88

Hope Valley, CA

More of Hope Valley - they already have had their first snow

"The Cabin" in Hope Valley

On the way up Ebbetts Pass

Speaking of the new digs - we got word that escrow is supposed to close on October 31st (Mom said that was the day she met Dad! - another omen, she said) - and we get a walk through on Monday, October 24th.  When we get the keys, Mom and Dad have a big list of things to do, but in the mean time, we still have to sit and wait.

Mom and Dad have been doing a lot of  comparison shopping on the computer, looking for appliances and stuff.  I just want my doggie door and my box of toys - don't forget my box of toys! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Counting the days...

Sunday October 16, 2011

Dad and I counting the days...

I'll leave the counting to Dad while I take a nap!

We are just counting the days now until we get into our PUD (Planned Unit Development).  Depending on who you listen to, we should get the keys in 15 or 17 days.  The lender wants to close on October 31, and the Realtor said it will be November 2.  Either way, it can't be soon enough for us!  I can hardly wait to see my new digs!  Mom and Dad have been shopping on line and window shopping at appliance stores and home improvement stores.  I know one of the first things will be my doggie door!  Mom and I will both be happy to see that thing go in!

The weather is still holding out, warm days and cool nights (but not freezing), but check out the pictures Mom took today.  These are from the RV Park we are staying at - it sure is pretty!

That's our campsite!

The sun is peaking through

These trees are all over the RV Park

Lots of reddish trees...

...and 'orangish' trees (Mom doesn't
think that is a word!)

 Mom was doing laundry yesterday and Dad and I were visiting with a campsite that had three big dogs.  Come to find out, Mom went to school with her and they haven't seen each other since high school!  They plan on keeping in touch, because Darlene wants Mom to help her with some picture printing.  They had a good time visiting, and their dogs are real nice too!  Sure wish we could have all been turned loose to run!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still waitin'.....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, not much new to report.  Mom and Dad are still waiting for that escrow thing to close.  The house inspector inspected the condo the other day and didn't find anything significant to report - only one little problem and Dad asked that the owner fix a leak under a sink (under the condo).  Mom and Dad went into the condo and measured the rooms, so now they have some idea of the space they are working with.

Mom and Dad have been shopping on line and have wish lists started for stuff they need to buy before we move in.  I think they have decided on what kind of doggie door I will get, and I think they are going to put hardwood down in the dining room, which won't take too long because it's a small area.

Mom took a bunch of pictures, but they didn't turn out too well because there is somebody living in the condo, so there is a lot of  "stuff" laying around.

The weather got kinda bad last week - snow in the mountains, but nothing down in Carson City except rain.  It's supposed to be back up in the 70's this week, so maybe I can work on my tummy freckles again.  Mom noticed that I am getting more black freckles on my white patches - Dad said it's because I am getting my winter coat - personally, I don't really care!

Dad and I have been going to the park and the river walk to get some exercise.  I even got to go to Mom's ex-bosses house a couple of times to play with their two dogs - Sage and Colt - they are dachshunds, and are fun to chase around (but, they sure are fast)!  Then our old neighbors had a little get together for us and I got to play with Hoss and Jack.  I guess dinner was really good, but the grownups didn't share anything with us - they had tri-tip and Dad did the Bar-B-Queing.  We just got snacks of ice cubes made out of chicken broth and Cheerios.  (Mom told me not to get too used to those ice cubes!)

This is Jack and me checking each other out - he's OK

This is me and Hoss checking out what Dad is cooking -
it was tri-tip and we didn't get any!

Mom had to go buy more yarn to keep her hands busy.  She has finished three afghans, and now is making dish cloths and place mats.  I think we better move quick before she starts making stuff for me and Dad!  The next thing you know, we will all have matching slippers!

I will keep you posted as things s-l-o-w-l-y move along........

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We found a ROOF, but.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mom and Dad found a roof to put over our heads and they made an offer and it was accepted today, but Dad said not to get too excited because now we have to go through something called escrow.  I guess there are all kinds of stuff that has to happen before we really get the place.  The lady at the mortgage company said she will try and have everything taken care of by Halloween!  Mom said she had a good feeling about this one because when they looked at it, the people had the same comforter that we had at the old house!  She said that was a good omen.

I haven't seen the inside yet, but Mom said it's a two bedroom condo and has a little backyard for me, and a little patio for Mom and Dad!  It sure will be nice to be able to go outside without a leash! Mom said Dad's first job is to put in a doggie door for me!  Mom keeps telling Dad that she is tired of being the doggie door for me - but, when I gotta go, I gotta go - even in the middle of the night - two or three times (sometimes)! 

Mom and Dad went appliance "looking" this afternoon, and they have been talking about what they are going to move in to the condo and what they are going to get rid of.  I think they will get rid of a lot of "STUFF".  Mom said she really doesn't need all that STUFF anymore, but, I've seen Moms shopping list and it is growing minute by minute!

Mom said she will try and post some pictures as soon as she is able to take some.

The RV Park is really filling up - some of the "rigs" are HUGE!  There is a big group here that is interested in the railroad being built into Carson City from Virginia City - they have taken over almost half of the park and they all have those great big Diesel Pushers!  Mom and Dad sit a laugh at them as they try to maneuver them into the camping spots here - sometimes it takes three or four guys to help the driver get in here!

The weather has been great so far, but it's supposed to be windy and rain next week - but no frost yet!  Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't get too cold before we can get under our new roof!!!

We will keep you posted about when things will be happening....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Still lookin' for a roof...

Monday, September 25, 2011

Well, Mom and Dad are still looking for a place for us to live.  Sometimes they put me in doggie day care and that is just fine with me - I would rather play with new friends than sit in the truck.  They have looked at a bunch of stuff, but some of the ones they liked move really fast because people are coming in with cash on the short sales.  They saw a small cute house in Carson City, and Mom said the back yard was a big as a football field!  WOW, that would be great for me, but Dad said he didn't want to mow lawn that much - darn!  Not only that, but they have looked at a couple of little houses that would turn out to be another one like we own now - a big remodel job.    Some of the condos they have looked at have REALLY SMALL outdoor living areas, so Mom said that wouldn't do for me or her - she likes to sit outside, and she said I need a little room to sniff around.  Oh well, something will come up - I hope!

Our camp site is still good.  It was really busy this last week with a bunch of motorcycle riders coming in for the big Harley Street Vibrations.  We had two couples across the street that were from Salmon Arm, British Colombia.  They were really nice and they came over and scratched my ears every time I was out!  That was really nice of them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home for a week and we moved the trailer....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well, we have been home for a week - can you believe it?  Mom and Dad moved the trailer today to a better spot - now I have grass to lay on and it's not quite as dirty - it's cheaper too!  We are at the Gold Dust West Casino in Carson City on Hwy 50.  Mom and Dad like this better and they get to use all the grown-up stuff in the casino, like the pool, spa, exercise room (yea, like that's going to happen), and the business center - Dad needed a fax machine!

Mom and Dad have been looking at places to buy - cheap - and today they found a gem of a house.  They both agreed that it needs a little work, but it is in a great neighborhood and it's a cute little place that will work just fine.  They hope to put an offer on it later today or tomorrow so everybody keep your fingers crossed.  I will keep you posted and let you all know if and when we have a more permanent home.  In the mean time the trailer is just fine as long as the snow doesn't fly!

We will keep you posted...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Right back from where we started...ALMOST

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We're BAAAACCKK!  We are right back from where we started.....only one space difference!  When we started this adventure we were at the Comstock Country RV Resort in space 13 - now we are in space 14!  We rolled into Carson City about 11:30 am, set up camp and went to lunch.  Then Dad took Mom and I for a little drive around town and the old neighborhood.  Mom said the more things change, the more things stay the same.  Anyway, we are here, safe and sound.  Mom and Dad will be looking for a place to live so we can settle down for a while (but, not too long!).

We are getting closer....

Good old Lake Tahoe Blue we are...

We saw a fire coming down the hill
to Carson City.

...right back where we started from!

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by - we'd love to see you!

Even though we are back in Carson City, the Adventure is still going on - anyway as long as we are living in the trailer.  We were a total of 361 days on the road - 4 days short of one year!  If you look at the Stats to the right of the page, Mom has them all updated.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost there....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's hard to believe that we are only a couple hours from home.  We started really early today, but we gave out early too.  Dad decided to go ahead and stay at Quincy, CA for the night and get a fresh start in the morning to get home.  We have a GREAT camp site at the Pioneer RV Park and the people here are really nice - they even gave me a treat!

It's pretty warm, but not too bad if you are in the trailer with the A/C on!

Shasta Lake full to the brim!

Train trestle near the highway.

Tomorrow morning we will make the last leg of our trip to Carson City....more later!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Typical Labor Day Weekend - COLD!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, it was a typical Labor Day Weekend.  The sun did come out yesterday, but it was cold.  Mom and Dad both had sweats and jackets on - I was wearing my fur coat, of course, so I was nice and warm - especially when the sun came out and I could take my sunbath.  Mom and Dad went to a Bar-B-Que, but dogs weren't invited, however, Mom did bring  me back a hamburger patty - YUMMY!

Sunday we went for another one of Dad famous "little" rides that took us about 8 hours.  We found some Elk, and we saw one bear, but Mom couldn't get his picture - he was really fast!  We drove along the coast - that's where we saw the Elk - one herd was by Gold Bluffs and another herd was farther down the coast; then we drove through the Redwood forest and saw all the BIG trees.  We ended up in the high country away from the coast and it was really toasty!  Then it was cool and foggy when we got back to camp again.  Mom took a bunch more pictures - so here are some of them:

Bull Elk with "tinsel"

Now he's just showing off for the girls

We had to forge the stream...

...and, drive through dark forests!

We came across the road on top of the ridge.

The second herd of Elk - this is the boss!

This caused a critter jam on the highway.

This was taken this morning in the fog - they were
still in the same spot as they were Sunday.

Foggy marshes this morning

This is what the highway looked like - can you see
the headlights of the car coming at us?  (Next
to the white line on the right.)

On the way to the Trinity Alps

We are camped at the KOA at Trinity Center, CA in the Trinity Alps.  We ended up with a really crummy spot, but we are moving on tomorrow.  Dad said we are going to Quincy, CA tomorrow and then to Carson City on Thursday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It must be the Labor Day Weekend - it's COLD!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Well the weatherman was wrong again.  It was supposed to be warmer today, but it is cold, windy, and the marine layer is coming up the river.  Mom, Dad and I went for a short ride and watched the Native American Indians catch salmon in the river.  I sure am glad I was in the truck - it was COLD out there. 

Last night when Dad took me for a walk, we saw a bear at the fish cleaning station, so we had to take another route home.  Rumor has it that there were three there the other night.  The fishermen have been really catching the fishes around here!  Yesterday we went for a ride in the redwood forest - boy oh boy are those trees ever big!  Mom wants to go back again, to get some pictures.

A COLD day on the river catching salmon.

The sea gulls were happy.

Our camp is farther up river - in the sunshine!

Nap time!

When we got back to camp, Dad and I took a little nap - it was nice and warm and we snuggled together (Dad is watching TV between naps)!